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*Now scheduling private Botox & Filler parties*

Botox® treatment options:
Forehead wrinkles $150-$450
Worry/Frown lines $120-$330
Bunny lines $60-$240
Crows feet $240-$480
Spa brow $60-$120
Chin $60-$120
Hyperhidrosis (ask about pricing)
(Botox priced at $13 per unit)

Juvederm® Dermal Filler Treatment Options:
(with Dermasculpt Microcannula)
Smile Lines $600
Marionettes $600
Eyebrow Lift $350
Worry/Frown Lines $400-$650
Tear Troughs $400-$650
Upper Lip Lines (smoker lines) $350
Lip Enhancement $400-$650
Cheeks $600-$1,200
Chin $400-$650
Nose Augmentation $600
(Juvederm priced at $400 for 1/2 syringe and $650 for full syringe)

By consultation

(Micro-needling is a collagen induction therapy)
Set of Three Treatments $895
Single Treatment $350
(Each treatment includes two serums)

Referral Promotion:
1st referral – $50 off next treatment
2nd referral – $100 off next treatment
3rd referral – $150 off next treatment

$50 scheduling required
(will be applied to any treatment)

Parties: Person hosting must have a total of 5 people including self.
-Host gets $100 off treatments
-Guests gets $50 off treatments

*Prices subject to change based upon per individual, appointment, service provider, etc.


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